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MOON litter - 12 Nov 2016

Roma and Connor are the proud parents of nine amazing puppies!

Dry Canyon Moon Shines on Madison of Law CGC, TKI, RI - Madison (rally + therapy dog)

Dry Canyon Fly Me to the Moon CGC - Buddha (therapy dog)

Dry Canyon's Crusade in Moonlight CGC - Walter (service dog)

Dry Canyon Winter on Moon River - Winter

Dry Canyon Desert Alexis Moonbeam - Lexi

Dry Canyon Gypsy Moonrise - Piper

Dry Canyon's Liam Man in the Moon CGC  TKA- Liam (therapy + service dog)

Dry Canyon Moonshadow - Ollie

Dry Canyon Over the Moon - Bentley (service dog)

Puppies live in Arizona, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and Wisconsin

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