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  Hi all, I am writing this testimonial not because I was asked but because I can't stop talking about this litter from Roma 11/12/16. 

  After filling out a five-page adoption application and an hour long phone conversation discussing the reasons why I wanted an English Cream Golden Retriever and not only the living conditions my new pup would be adapting to, but my daily routine that would effect and include my puppy. I learned early on that this breeder truly cared and loved each and every pup that she was allowing people to adopt.

  I currently have 2 chihuahuas that are 7 and 9 years old and at first, I was a bit apprehensive about the size difference. The more I thought about it, the more the timing made sense to introduce a new puppy. From day one (8 weeks) of blending with my fur family, my Dry Canyons Alexis Moonbeam aka Lexi knew her name and could politely sit on command thanks to the best breeder around, JoDean Bailey who worked endlessly with the newborns teaching them their skills till they reached their new homes. This was just the beginning as Lexi was not only cute and fluffy, she was smart, gentle, loving and polite to my chihuahuas and me.

  At six months Lexi is maturing into a beautiful, intelligent, loyal, fun, happy Golden that is always watching me for commands hoping to go for a ride, walk, swimming, hiking or just snuggle and watch tv. I can honestly say I loose track of time watching her and playing with her. She is my 1st English Cream Golden Retriever and now I can't imagine my life without her. 

  I have a firm belief that dogs are like children... as long as they have a good upbringing they will be a good dog. Thanks, JoDean, Roma and Dry Canyon Goldens for giving my Lexi the best start to a great life for the both of us! 


Forever Golden, 

Carla & Lexi 🐾

When we lost our 13 year old golden we were heartbroken. Then we saw Walter's baby picture on Instagram. A well known breeder highly recommended Dry Canyon Goldens. Still pondering, we watched JoDeans videos and chronicles of her litters. How carefully she managed Walter's mom; the whelping preparation; the incredible attention to each pups health; the extremely important Puppy Culture socialization - from manding to play surfaces to human introductions - JoDean's attention to detail was superb!
I knew Walter would be special before we ever met due to the careful attention given in the most important part of his development.
JoDean was so helpful during the transfer process, taking as much time as I needed to answer all my questions before, during and after adoption!
The result is that I have an amazing little man who is healthy and well adjusted. Passed his 2 puppy classes by 6 months and is on to achieve his CGC (done June 2017)! His trainer adores him and complimented his easy going, unflappable temperament - all thanks to the credit of Walter's beginnings at Dry Canyon Goldens ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Nancy and Joe McGlothlan
Warrenton, Oregon

I cannot speak highly enough of Dry Canyon Goldens and breeder, JoDean Bailey. JoDean has produced quality English Cream Golden Retrievers. Her diligence to health clearances and temperament assessments have produced the best of the best! My husband and I have had several golden retrievers prior to working with JoDean. While we love(d) them all, our puppy from Dry Canyon Goldens stands above and beyond all others. We were matched to a BEAUTIFUL, SMART, and OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY male puppy in January of 2017. Our puppy came to us at 8 weeks of age with a great foundation. He was already doing an automatic "sit" to ask politely for anything. He had been exposed to people of all sizes and ages and handled by humans consistently.

"Buddha" is now a little over 6 months of age. He is an exquisite male with large, regal head and a beautiful silky, wavy coat. Did I mention...great temperament and extremely smart? He has excelled with any trainer and class he has participated in. Buddha is now being trained for therapy. Our plan is to do volunteer work at hospitals, long-term care facilities, and reading groups. He is the absolute JOY of our lives.

JoDean continues to stay in touch with us which I have never experienced with a breeder. She gets back to me immediately when I call or text with questions. I consider her a friend and am honored to be part of the Dry Canyon Family.

Tammy​ R

Scottsdale, AZ

As an attempt to do her justice, I feel blessed on so many levels concerning JoDean Bailey and her selfless devotion to Dry Canyon Goldens. My very first experiences with English Goldens included Roma and a very, very special little girl of hers. I trepidated over and over whether or not to take and keep this baby... and I often regret my decision not to. I never dreamt that a few short years later, I would again have the opportunity for a Dry Canyon Golden. This time, I chose a beautiful, smart, gentle baby we named Winter.


Winter is hugged and kissed and played with each and every day! She is a joy, with love in her heart and spirit abounding! Winter is what happens when you are devoted in every way to the health and wellbeing of a Golden baby.  She is absolutely stunning and a true testament to the breed, and the future successes of Dry Canyon Goldens, JoDean Bailey, and my own hopes and dreams. Thank you!

Susan G

New Jersey

How do you write a review for someone that gave you the most perfect addition to your family? While I may be biased about our George, I know he is the puppy he is all because of Jo at Dry Canyon Goldens. 


For years I had been hoping to fill a missing piece in our family that only a dog could fill. We were very picky about finding an ethical breeder that did their due diligence to breed Goldens with all the most important clearances. We were referred to Dry Canyon and they checked all of our boxes. Little did we know, we would get so much more. 


From the very first phone call, I knew that we not only had someone that would love our new baby but would become a friend. Jo was incredible. From the moment she found out that Fanny was pregnant, all of the families were connected. She created a Facebook group for updates (that we all still use). She used zoom calls to talk to us about training, vaccine schedules, diets, and exercise. She posted videos of her Puppy Culture work with the litter. And can we talk about her placements? I have never seen the amount of love and care she put into placing these puppies with any other breeder. She asked the families all the right questions, spent hours with the puppies monitoring their precious personalities, and then matched the puppies with their new families. Thanks to Jo our George is the sweet, crazy smart, independent personality that we dreamed of.  A few months after leaving her care, George was able to see Jo again. I was so curious if he would even remember her. She turned the corner and said one word and he lost his mind. I have never seen him as happy as he was the moment he was with her.  He was reunited with his first "mom" and it brought me to tears. That was such a testament to time and love she showed these puppies. Thank you so much for giving us our baby. We are forever grateful.



Dry Canyon Golden Retrievers, JoDean Bailey, has provided us with so much joy. 

Before Beau was even born, Jo shared pictures of Fanny (Mom) and Liam (Dad) with those of us lucky enough to be eventual parents.  We watched as Fanny was pampered through her pregnancy and beyond.  The puppies were born on May 30, 2019…and we got to see them every day from that day forward.  Jo shared the birthing process with us and pictures and videos of Fanny and the puppies every day until we were able to bring him home.  

Jo spends a lot of time and energy getting the puppies ready to come to our homes.  They experienced so much in their first 8 weeks.  We watched as they opened their eyes, starting playing with each other, then with toys.  She gets them acclimated to a variety of sounds and activities, socializing them, taking them to the vet, etc.  She uses Puppy Culture as the basis of her training.  We purchased Puppy Culture literature so we could continue her good work.  We really knew these puppies before we even met them!

Jo created a private Facebook page just for the parents of the Legend litter (Jo names each litter and their official AKC names all have “Legend” in them).  We could ask questions and communicate with the other parents-to-be.  She also went “live” on Facebook explaining what we need to do to get ready for the puppy, feeding instructions and any questions we had for her.  The Zoom call was fun because we got to see the other parents while we discussed common questions.  We still post pictures of our puppies, comparing weight, feeding issues, coloring, activities, etc.  

I highly recommend Dry Canyon Goldens to everyone who meets Beau.  It is a privilege to have one of their puppies.



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