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About Us


Hi there! I'm Jo Bailey.


We are a dog-oriented family living in a beautiful mountain valley in Northern Utah. We will never take lightly the responsibility to produce healthy, well-adjusted puppies. We stand behind every puppy and will take back any puppy at any time for any reason.


We have wonderfully gorgeous European pedigreed Golden Retrievers. They are such delights. Both Craig and I grew up with dogs, and we've had dogs for most of our marriage. As much as I have loved the other dogs in my life (English Springers, heelers, German Shorthaired Pointers) I simply wasn't prepared for the completeness I discovered after opening my heart to a Golden. There is a special kind of companionship with Goldens that I haven't had with any of my other dogs. They are truly my Heart Dogs. 


We take as our motto, "The Foundation Matters™." As a small hobby breeder, we can promise and ensure devoted and quality attention is given to our females and their puppies. The foundation we lay with our puppies provides a solid base for our puppy families to build on. I truly believe that the foundation matters; it will make it easier for you to train your puppy and your puppy will be more at ease with new situations. This makes for a more rewarding experience for everyone.


European or English Golden Retrievers are a "type" of Golden Retriever with noticeable differences to an American Golden. They have come to be known as "English" when a more proper designation should be European-style Golden Retriever or British-style Golden Retriever since they originated in Scotland. Whatever the moniker we're simply smitten with these beautiful, gentle, loving dogs!


Our family has owned four lovable, purebred German Shorthaired Pointers from field trial stock and whom we've Hunt Tested and hunted various upland game extensively with:

Sammie, who was an incredible hunter and awesome mama to our one litter of GSP ages ago;

River, who was so stylish on point;

Rox, the happiest GSP we've had possesses an awesome nose and strong hunting instincts.

Skye, came to our pack in 2021. She and Evie play h a r d.


We love having different energy levels in our dogs. It is a joy to see our pointing dogs work a field. Golden Retrievers were originally bred to be a gundog. Although Roma does not have field experience, field lines are in her pedigree, and she possesses a strong retrieving instinct. She is a natural in the water. I believe it is important to keep the gundog instincts the breed was originally developed for. In many European countries, Goldens are required to have a Field Certificate, even if they are primarily show dogs.


This type of Golden Retriever is a great companion for day-to-day activities. Golden Retrievers have awesome reputations as loyal, intelligent companions. My heart just melts when Roma looks in my eyes with her big, dark ones or when I hear the pitter-patter of Fanny's feet as she comes looking for me. Did you know that eye contact with your dog releases the hormone oxytocin? This is the hormone of love.


Our hearts have been captured by their sheer beauty, sense of regalness, and utter devotion. If you already own an English type golden you know what we speak. If you are looking for your first one, we welcome you to the wonderful world of Goldens!

woman and golden retriever puppy
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