Fanny x Liam

CHARM litter

Fanny x Liam pedigree

5 puppies born 10 Feb 2020

A canine birth story 🐾

Stage one labor started early early Sunday morning before we had gone to bed. Stage one is marked by restlessness, digging, panting, no interest in food. We didn’t sleep much at all that night or the next one when our #doggydoula @kncavs came. We love her!
Pushing started at 9:15 Monday morning. Any food I had been able to get her to take has been thrown up. When pushing became more regular I gave her some oral calcium paste to increase the strength of the contractions - there that up too. Fanny’s energy was fading.
At the 2 hour mark, and I couldn’t feel a puppy in the canal, I called my local vets to say I was bringing her in.
Now it’s been 2.5 hours since she started pushing. Dr. Miller examined Fanny and felt a puppy high in the canal without its sac. It was likely dead. We decided to try a dose of oxytocin before resorting to a c-section. We were put in the cat room 😜 and set up with extra blankets and towels. (This is a wonderful fear-free, calm, and clean clinic. Dr. Miller is also a breeder of Cavs. Dr Kolste has helped us get pregnant.) 
In 10 minutes, we had puppy number one, ALIVE!! Two minutes later puppy two arrived in fine shape. The other three came in just over two hours. Birth weights 17.7 ounces - 21 ounces. Good sized puppies!
The staff and doctors were amazing with us! Relationships matter.
My Fanny had been communicating her needs to me during the whole process - I need a drink, I need a walk, I need to pee, I need help. I am so humbled she trusted me and did what I asked her. Before we left for the vet, I asked her to push very hard one more time. She pushed so hard her face scrunched up and eyes closed. 😭😭😭 I couldn’t love this girl more. Our relationship blesses me immensely.

Black boy - now Simba, living in Utah

Aqua girl - now Piper, living in California

Pink girl - now Charlotte, living in Nevada

Camo boy - now Shanti, living in Oregon + Hawaii

Orange girl - now Evie, living in Utah with us!!

Fanny x Liam

LEGEND litter

Fanny x Liam pedigree

Fanny's first litter, nine amazing puppies, was born on 30 May 2019. Fanny is the most natural mother I've had. She has every instinct the textbooks tell us about. Pups were all a great size and started gaining right away. Liam is a son of Roma x Connor. Both of their temperaments and structure are noticeable in this second generation. Overall, I am so happy with this litter that we plan to repeat it in 2020. 

JoJo (purple) lives in Arizona

Duke (red) lives in Utah

Atticus (black) lives in Utah

Sadie Lane (pink) lives in Arizona

Rio (lt green) lives in Washington

Beau (blue) lives in California

Luna (orange) lives in Arizona

Neala (yellow) lives in California

George (dk green) lives in Arizona

Merry x Monty

MIGHTY litter

Merry x Monty pedigree

On 7 October 2018, three MIGHTY puppies were born via C-section. This was Merry's last litter and close to Monty's last. Both of these amazing, "old soul" dogs came together to form three structurally sound, perfectly temperamented puppies. It was a literal joy and blessing to love and raise them!  

Blue boy is Hudson, living in South Dakota

Red girl is Lily, living in Utah & is a young hopeful for our program

Black boy is Buddy, living in California with Misty from the HOME litter


Roma x Connor

HOME litter

We welcomed 5 sweet and special puppies - 2 males/3 females - on 1 July 2017. That is the day I arrived home from India where I completed a Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours course. My dear daughter was Roma's devoted caregiver while I was gone. Bless Roma's heart for waiting until my arrival day! This serendipitous occasion prompts the "theme" of HOME for this litter. 

All were born healthy and strong with nice weights.



Bailey (pink) lives in California

Luke (orange) lives in Mississippi

Misty (purple) lives in California

Logan (yellow) lives in Utah

Willow (aqua) lives in California


Roma x Connor

MOON litter

Puppies from Roma and Connor were born on 12 November 2016

5 Males

4 Females

All were born healthy and strong with nice weights.


ALL PUPPIES have GREAT homes now!

Madison (Pink) lives in Wisconsin

Buddha (Black) lives in Arizona

Walter (Gray) lives in Oregon

Winter (Purple) lives in New Jersey

Lexi (Aqua) lives in Nevada

Piper (Lime) lives in Nevada

Liam (Red) lives in Nevada

Oliver (Orange) lives in Arizona

Bentley (Yellow) lives in Arizona



Roma x Drakosha

CANYON litter

Puppies from Roma and Drakosha were born on 5 December 2014

3 Males 

3 Females




All PUPPIES have GREAT homes!

Gunnar (Gray) lives in Maryland

Willow (Yellow) lives in North Carolina

Krim (Red) lives in Michigan

(Krim passed away from a tragic accident 7/2019)

Maya (Green) lives in Alabama

Franklin (Black) lives in Maryland

Stella (Pink) lives in Nevada



Hips: FCI HD-A 

Elbows: FCI ED-0

Heart: Clear

Eyes: Clear

GR_PRA1: Clear

GR_PRA2: Clear

Ichthyosis: Carrier