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LEGEND litter - 30 May 2019

Fanny had a litter of nine on 30 May 2019

We are so excited about this litter. The sire, Liam, is a product of our program. The puppies are amazing in structure and temperament.

Dry Canyon's Legends Are Born in May - Duke (Utah)

Dry Canyon's Legend Has It - JoJo (Arizona)

Dry Canyon's According to Legend - Atticus (Utah)

Dry Canyon's Living Legend - Sadie (Arizona)

Dry Canyon's A Legend in the Making - Rio (Washington)

Dry Canyon's I Am Legend - Beau (California)

Dry Canyon's A Legend Far and Wide - Luna (Arizona)

Dry Canyon's Myth and Legend - Neala (California)

Dry Canyon's The Dog, The Myth, The Legend - George (Arizona)

It was so much fun to have these guys! They were pros at problem-solving and proprioception.

pedigree for Fanny x Liam

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