Evie is our homebred girl - granddaughter of Roma, daughter of Fanny and Liam.


It has been one of the great pleasures of my life raising Evie from birth! Evie is full of energy and intellect and humor. She's so incredibly smart - a problem solver and an eager learner. She has never met a stranger. People of all ages and shapes and sizes are instant friends. She can't even conceive that someone might not love her dearly. Evie loves to eat, go on car rides, and on long exploring wanders. Basically, she's just happy being with and doing whatever I'm doing.


Evie is a dog of substance - straight front, broad back skull, beautiful ear placement, moderate rear angulation, perfect topline, a straight cream coat that dries easily.

  • Using her nose in scent games, solving puzzles, playing hard with our GSP, swimming, and free movement in open areas off-leash are activities she adores.

  • Evie is well on her way to understanding more English than she's ever been taught.

  • She is about to be Auntie to another litter of puppies. She is trustworthy with and a valuable shaper for puppies.

  • She needs a few more health clearances done after her birthday in February. We have no reason to suspect she won't pass, so we are planning breeding her at her next cycle which should be around August 2022.


Stats and Clearances

  • K9data Pedigree

  • OFA Clearances

  • Registration: AKC SS16814905

  • CHIC Number: 

  • Date of Birth: 10 Feb 2020

  • Hips (OFA): 

  • Hips (PennHIP): .34/.36

  • Elbows (OFA):

  • Eyes (DNA):  prcd-PRA Clear; PRA1 Clear; PRA2 Clear

  • Eyes (OFA): Clear 7/21 (ophthalmologist)

  • Heart (OFA): 

  • Ichthyosis: Carrier

  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

  • Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): Clear

  • Weight: 65 pounds

  • Height: 22.25 inches 

  • Country of Origin: United States

  • Litters: