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Merry x Monty pedigree


Int. Ch. and Veteran Champion Montego Silvermist- representing Montego Kennels out of Australia. Monty came to Strike Golden unexpectedly at 8.5 years of age. Within 4 months he became an International Champion AND Veteran Champion. In addition, he is Pointed and won numerous First Place in the UKC.  Monty’s Great Grandfather is Camrose Cabus Christopher, which is carried on both the Maternal and Paternal legs of his Pedigree.  It is our pleasure to have him and his amazing Golden Retriever temperament. He gets along with everyone and every dog that comes our way.

edit: It was a sad day on 4 March 2019 when Monty passed from a lumbar stroke.

He was truly one of the Golden Greats!

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