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Alubyc Name Up In Lights

Born 28 June 2019

"Snugs was one of the funnest puppies I have ever had. Everything he did was honest, pure, and so gosh darn cute. He lives up to his name. He's a very sweet, quiet boy who loves to be around people."

Snugs is an Australian import from the well-known Alubyc kennel. He is now living in Indiana as part of the InGold Retrievers program. Snugs has two very distinguished grandfathers ... multi European champion Majik Truth or Dare "Nigel" on the paternal side, and Crufts winner Zenevieva North Atlantic Drift "Malachi" on his maternal side. His pedigree is a very nice mix of Australian, European, and United Kingdom bloodlines. 

"He engages in everything we do whether it be throwing a ball, chasing bubbles, swimming, relaxing, etc. He is very well mannered and was very easy to train as a puppy and young dog. He has an eagerness to learn still to this day. He makes beautiful babies. He's a strong boy, lots of girth, soft straight light coat. He is very fit. Very broad, masculine head with perfect ear placement. Snugs used to love the litters until one day he was attacked by a 7-week-old litter that tried to nurse him. Now he sits and observes them from a distance." (owner, Linda Ballheimer)

Can't say I blame him at all. lol

I chose Snugs because of his temperament, structure, and health. He matches well with Evie.

Stats and Clearances

  • K9data Pedigree

  • OFA Clearances

  • Registration: AKC SS22166201

  • Date of Birth: 28 June 2019

  • Hips (AVA): 3:3 (likened to OFA Good)

  • Elbows (AVA): 0:0 (likened to OFA Normal)

  • Eyes (DNA): prcd-PRA Clear; PRA1 Clear; PRA2 Clear

  • Eyes (OFA): Clear 7/22 (ophthalmologist)

  • Heart (OFA): Normal (cardiologist)

  • Ichthyosis: Clear

  • NCL: Clear

  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

  • Muscular Dystrophy: Clear

  • Weight: 80 pounds

  • Height: 23 ¼"

  • Country of Origin: Australia

  • Litters: 

If you aren't familiar with hip/elbow screening done by BVA or AVA now known as ANKC (Australia National Kennel Club) read the following:

Dogs used for breeding should be scored under an accredited hip and elbow scheme.  The AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) and the BVA (British Veterinary Association) schemes use X-rays of the hip joints which are evaluated by accredited scorers.  The scoring is done by assessing nine different aspects of the hip X-ray.  Each aspect except for one is scored between 0 and 6.  The aspects evaluated are the Norberg angle, subluxation, cranial acetabular edge, dorsal acetabular edge, cranial effective acetabular rim, acetabular fossa, caudal acetabular edge, femoral head/neck exostosis, and femoral head re-contouring.

Hip scores range from 0:0 (0) to the highest score possible 53:53 (106).  Each hip joint is given a score between 0 and 53 and a total score is reported e.g. 5:9 (14).  A perfect ball and socket joint has a score of zero.  A dog with two perfect hips has a score of 0:0 (0) but very few Golden Retrievers have perfect hips.  The more irregular the ball and socket becomes, the higher the resulting score.  A lower score means better hips.  Golden Retrievers with high hip scores should not be used for breeding.

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