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Connor is the wonderful sire of our MOON and HOME litters. He is owned by the lovely Britta Nielson of Dewbury Dream Goldens. We love Connor to pieces!! He has a gentle and sweet personality. He's happiest when he's next to his people, well maybe next to anybody. Connor simply loves people!


Be sure to notice the amazing health clearances of Connor's! WOW! This boy has proven himself in the show ring. He is also a proven stud with four litters on the ground so far. He has progeny in service/therapy/showing.


Connor's Pedigree


Connor is an import from Denmark. You'll notice well-known Majik and Jako dogs in his pedigree. Britta traveled to Denmark and personally brought Connor home. She was able to speak Danish to him while he learned English commands because Britta is a Dane herself.


I have personally been around Connor many times; Britta has also been around Roma. We both believe that they are a match made in heaven. These puppies have stellar temperaments and amazing conformation.


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